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How To Use The Ouija Board

May 01, 2011 by DragonOak
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How to Use A Ouija Board


While using the Ouija Board having two or more participants with hands on the planchette make the spirit connection stronger. Our skeptic minds tend to believe the movement of the planchette is due to the one of the other people is moving the planchette during multiple participant sessions. This skepticism allows the spirit to use that very belief system, and therefore it is much easier for the Spirit to move the planchette due to less resistance.

Burning Lavender (incense or herb) tends to welcome benevolent spirits for other realms. Burning frankincense tends to protect the session from not so benevolent ones. Using quarts crystals tend to magnify the spirit impressions.

Burning white candles during a Ouija Board session allows white light to protect the participants.

Low lighting in the room creates a positive atmosphere for conducting a reading with the Ouiji Board. Low lightening tends to enhance our other senses and strengthen our third eye chakra.

Using the Spirit Board in a session during the witching hour (11pm to Midnight) seems to create a stronger connection to the spirit realm. Historically this is a time when the veil between worlds is at its weakest point.

You can use the Ouiji Board on a table, or you can sit face to face with another with two chairs and place it on your knees. I find a table is more stable in that some sessions may be very long, and you may desire to shift your weight or hands often.

It is a good idea to have someone writing down questions and responses. Often spirits speak in an abbreviated code of first letters of words (instead of whole words) and also they may spell things out phonetically. It takes a LOT of energy for a Spirit to manifest by moving a planchette. Some Spirits have a lot to say in a short time and want to get us much of a message across while preserving their enegy resource. When it is written out, the message becomes clearer.

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