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Best Times To Use The Ouija Board

May 01, 2011 by DragonOak
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Best times to use an Ouija Board

1. During periods of low atmospheric disturbance and low solar activity are good times to use an Ouija Board:

Contrary to Hollywood legend, spirit activity during electrical storms is generally instable at best. While it is not impossible for spirits to manifest, spirit activity is unstable because of charged electrical particles in the air that act very chaotically. For a moment or period one may receive very strong and clear messages but the next moment can be very weak and the messages are garbled. Just think of cell phone use during a storm, messages can be very hit and miss during heavy electrical storms.

Likewise solar activity can weaken the mediums contact with the other world. Sunspots and solar flares cause disruption in the energy patterns around our planet. These disruptions cause electrical equipment to act erratic and intermittent, and sometime even completely burn them out, and likewise energy patterns all around us are disrupted.

The rational is that spirits utilize the energy around us to manifest. The energy is what spirits manipulate in order to breach the barrier between our worlds. The more the energy is manifest and stable the more the spirits can interact and thus manifest.

Be sure and check the weather reports prior to using an Ouija Board for the best results.

2. My personal best results for using an Ouija Board have been at nighttime between the period of 9pm and 2am:

Anytime when one or more of our five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) are reduced, the other remaining senses become more acute. During nighttime our sense of sight becomes drastically reduced even in a well lighted home. Infrared and ultraviolet rays are reduced due to the earths rotation and our perspective is out of the direct rays of the sun. Therefore, our remaining senses become more intense and aware. Hearing bumps in the night. Feeling changes in the temperature. Feeling the single touch of a spirit. Familiar smells of those on the other side like a cigar or perfume. And even sometimes having a familiar taste to broaden the message from the spirit. These are all senses that are more acutely aware during periods of nighttime.

While activity can be fluid and prolific throughout that night, it is mainly based upon my personal experience that during the hours of 9pm until 2am are more active than the rest of the night. Try to use the Ouija Board during periods when you are active and more alert. When you are tired it can be frustrating to both you and the spirit when trying to read or send messages.

There is the sixth sense that is just barely breaking ground in today's science. That sixth sense is that of the psyche that is connected to intuition and our ability to bridge the gap between our world and the spirit world. This sixth sense is also more acute during the nighttime. While our psychic awareness is present in all of us, because it is the nature and design of our mind and spirit, it becomes more trusted during periods of darkness. Humanity during the early period was forced to trust this sense as a matter of survival. Many predators hunt at night and humankind has really poor vision for night, and thus as a matter of evolution that portion of our brains has developed. It is an awareness that is in all; it is just more trusted by those that utilize the psychic portion of their senses.

Also the Witching hour (11pm to Midnight) is considered to a strong period magically. The magical connection exists because the link between our world and the spirit world is stronger during these times. By reflecting and learning from histories and traditions of the past we can acquire understanding on how to work with spirit world. Therefore the tradition and history of the witching hour should be recognized and utilized as a period of strong spirit activity.

Using the Ouija Board during the nighttime is highly recommended based on my experience and my understanding of the bridge between our world and the spirit world.

3. Fall and Winter, the air is crisp, clean, and there seems to be a stronger connection the spirit realm.

Again this is a consequence of our environment and our evolution as a species. During the winter we tend to become more homebound, focus on our dwellings and our personal lives. We tend to think more and likewise become more aware of other world connections. We are less active and allow ourselves to reflect, remember, and envision. In essence many of us gaze into the mirror of our minds to connect with the spiritual side.

During this period it is also natures quiet time. Many living things hibernate during this period. Our senses become more refined, less animal and insect activity means less noise thus allowing us to hear more. During the Fall and Winter months we allow ourselves to hear what was shut out during the other seasons.

When the season forces us inward we reflect, the process of reflecting opens our third eye. We become aware the time and space are fluid, just as is the bridge between our world and the spirit world. The best season for using the Ouija Board is the fall, with winter being a close second. Spring and summer also can provide some excellent connections to the Spirit World; so don't rule out using the board during those seasons.

4. Close to, or on Halloween (Samhain) is a traditional best time for using an Ouija Board.

For the Celts this is a holy time of the Year. It marks the ending the old year and the beginning of the New Year for the Pagan Wheel of the Year. Celebrated as a culmination of the cycle of life, beginning and end only to renew and begin again. This is the time of year that is revered by many cultures as a connection or bridge to the spirit world is closer than any other time of year. And thus the best day of the year to use the Ouija Board is on October 31.

Many cultures celebrate this holy time of the year.

Gaeaf in Wales is considered the time when spirits gather during this time of year. Crossroads, graveyards, and narrow passageways are considered gathering spots for those spirits.

Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico from October 31 to November 3. During this time families remember the deceased and honor them with favorite foods and beverages as gifts to the spirits.

de Finados is celebrated in Brazil when people visit churches and cemeteries to remember those that have passed into the next world.

All Souls Day celebrated by the Catholic Church honors the faithful that have passed to the spirit world.

And the list goes on and on, to include many harvest celebrations that honor those that have passed by setting aside a small portion of the harvest for the deceased. Considering the celebrations and reverences around the world to the spirit world connection it should be realized that this time of year has a special connection the other side. I highly recommend working with the Ouija Board on Halloween; just don't let fear be your guide.

5. Solstice periods can have good results for reading the Ouija Board.

The earth experiences two solstices a year; the Winter solstice occurs December 21-22 and the Summer solstice that occurs June 20-21. These represent that time of year that the sun is at its most Southern or most Northern point in the sky. These Solstice periods are considered holy by many old world religions, it is the time that the suns energy is generally stable. Spirits can adapt to these energy patterns and utilize those very energies in order to manifest themselves.

The Solstices are magical times of the year. Yule, Christmas, and Passover celebrations happen during the same cycle of the year for a reason.. Just as there are geographical places that are considered more active, like Ley Lines, likewise there are just such places in the stream of time. Remember time and space are relative to each other and connected to one another.

Considering as many religions that celebrate during these times of years it again is no accident, they are magical times.

Using the Ouija Board during these Solstice periods can be extremely active for contacting Spirits.

6. During periods of a full moon.

The connection between the moon and spiritual activity is long revered by many ancient cultures. The moons connection to water, the tides, dreaming, magic, and the spirit realm is the strongest during a full moon.

I recommend using the full moon energy to recharge your Ouija Board each month. The full moon is also a good time to cleanse the Ouija Board allowing new and changing contact with the spirit world.

Even nature succumbs to the power of the moon. The howl of the wolf, the hoot of an owl, the hunt of the bat, and even the cycles of the oyster are all recognizable effects of the full moon. It is nature's way of reverence to the next world that there is no beginning and no end, just the continuous cycle.

The full moon even increases the charge of electricity in living cells. Another source of energy that spirits can utilize to manifest into moving the planchette of an Ouija Board.

I highly recommend using the Ouija Board during periods of the full moon for stronger contact to the spirit world. Again, do not let fear be your guide. Hollywood creates myths in order to sell more tickets, and sadly it works.

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