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Best Places To Use The Ouija Board

May 01, 2011 by DragonOak
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Best Places to Use the Ouija Board

1. One of the best places to use the Ouija Board is in a familiar setting like a living room, dining room, or kitchen.

Using the Ouija Board in a living room, dining area, kitchen , or other places you feel secure and safe, can provide some excellent results for contacting the spirits. There are several reasons for this to include; these places are usually a secure part of the home, they are communal in nature, and they are areas open to visitors.

Human nature tends to be open to alternative understandings and experiences when people feel secure. Using the Ouija Board in these places allows us to be open to contact from the Spirit World. We when feel secure we feel safe, when we feel safe we are relaxed, when relaxed we are open to experiences outside the material world. When people feel threatened or insecure, while sense may be heightened, the third eye nearly closes completely. Fear is the great enemy, for fear tends to enhance closed mindedness and stagnate the human experience.

The living room and kitchen (or dining) areas tend to be communal, places where people gather and socialize. These living areas are where members of the household meet on a regular basis. It is where the household members share stories, experiences, and feelings. The very nature of these areas provides a social setting that feels secure yet open to alternative experiences. Spirits themselves tend to gather in these areas also, for this is where they too feel safe.

And these locations are often open to guests and visitors. Friends and neighbors are often welcomes to share a meal in the kitchen dining room or to share time in the living area. On a subconscious level, and since these areas are mostly open to guests, we are more accepting of spirit activity via using the Ouija Board. By making these places open to visitors, it also opens the area up to spirits, making the dining, kitchen, and or the living room on of the best places to use the Ouija Board.

2. Famous Landmarks are good places to use a Ouija Board.

Places where people of the past made great achievements are some very interesting feedback for using the Ouija Board. Spirits that have not yet moved on tend to gravitate towards areas those spirits felt comfortable, proud, or even recognized. Some spirits are so caught up in their past accomplishments they tend to hang in between the realms, yearning the energy from being remembered. Some are spirits that are waiting to move on, others are those that have a purpose to complete before moving on, and then there are those that refuse to move on.

The ship Queen Mary is one famous example of a great achievement, or even the famous Winchester house San Jose, California. World's Haunted Landmarks

Consider using the Ouija Board in places of great monuments that are minus a history of great tragedy. Think more about places that are esteemed more for celebration and to mark extraordinary achievements. Best places to use an Ouija Board can include parks, stadiums, historical monuments, architectural achievements, etc.

Spirits that remain tied to this realm like to reminisce about their past glories. They were once just like us and take pride in their successes. So don't be surprised that when using an Ouija Board that an attached soul to the area makes contact.

3. Ley-lines and where they cross are good sources of contacting spirits by using an Ouija Board.

The Ley Lines create breaks in the physical realm that breaches into the spiritual world. Often these are the sites of old pagan gatherings, old churches, native spiritual centers, megaliths, etc.. Some interesting maps of various world ley lines can be found here Liminal Thersholds. Our ancient ancestors understood that these areas breached the spirit world and in many ways marked them for other generations to come.

These Ley Line conjunctions are places where time and space become indistinct. Personally I believe they are places where mini (very very tiny) black holes exist, and with the super collider projects in time may catch up to realize it. Find a map with the Ley Lines outline like from the sight I linked above. If you can find an intersection near you, it could make for a fun evening around the camp fire with friends.

Ghosts and Ley Lines is an interesting sight that goes much more into detail than I ever could.

4. Sacred places, those special private spots that are personal are great places to use an Ouija Board.

A pond, a cave, or any other place you consider to be sacred, or the board operators special spot. These spots attract kind and beautiful spirits and guides. These types of places are usually outdoors with a strong connection to nature. It is a place where one goes for solitude and to reflect. It is where a person feels secure in the natural setting.

There reason these places are so serene is this is where one goes to connect with there own spirit guide. Usually it is a realm where a Spirit Guide protects those that enter. And usually it is where the Spirit Guide provide an environment of balance and where little or no conflict exists. Using the Ouija Board in such a place can allow contact with entities other than people that have passed. Think about the fairy realm, animal guides, and elementals when using the Ouija Board in these places.

Parks, lovers gazebo's, gardens, and places that bring peace to our current state of being are excellent location to used the Ouija Board. Communicative Spirits tend to gather in these places, for them it is like spiritual Great Hall of Records. These places allow the Spirits to recite their histories and make the impression that they are being remembered for who and what they were.

Avoid places of tragedy, spirits in these places tend to be obsessed with darkness, their untimely death, their crime or the act that brought them there. Graveyards, crime scenes, and places that increase your own level of fear or discomfort are not recommended.

I recommend using the Ouija Board in public parks and places where you can find a private location away from prying eyes and negative emotions.

5. Haunted locations that are not based on fear, harm, or anger as the focus are good places to use an Ouija Board.

There are playful, helpful, and bonded spirits that actually enjoy our contact. Many more homes are haunted than people realize, but since these types of spirit tend to meld with the environment, they do not receive the Hollywood attention of the scary ghost. If you know of a house where things mysteriously become misplaced, the animals stare at a corner for long periods of time, or even the occasional befuddling noise that can not be explained but causes no real alarm, consider this place to be occupied by a bonded spirit.

This can be in places that were once resided, occupied, or frequented by a deceased soul. It is where they feel comfortable and at home. Some of these do not know how to move on but have no malevolence about where they are. This is a very common haunting, but it often results in mutual benefit. The current living resident and the deceased spirit often come to an arrangement about sharing the space. The current living resident recognizes, remembers, and often speaks to the spirit and to them that is all they want in return..

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