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Best Items To Attract Spirits While Using The Ouija Board

May 26, 2011 by DragonOak
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Best items to bring to your séance or Ouija Board session

There are many physical items that will enhance spirit activity and attract spirits, thus improving the chances of spirit contact and communication while using the Ouija Board. Special items are often used in tangent with each other to create the best environment for a productive Ouija Board session. This is the reason I add nine (the number of the moon) of the following examples of moon elements to my planchettes and ouija boards at DragonOak's Wood Shop.

1. Silver or items made of silver:

Silver has long been associated with the spirit world. Silvers use in magick has been long documented whether it was the use of a silver wand, a silver medallion, or a silver chalice. Since silver has the highest electrical conductivity of any metal it makes it easier for spirits to funnel energy through the metal. This energy is how the spirits manifest or are able to bridge the gap between the world of the paranormal and the world of physical reality. The higher the silver content the better.

Silver is strongly associated with the moon and many Luna goddesses throughout the ancient world. The moon was associated with the chaste Moon goddesses, Artemis, 'the Huntress with the Silver Bow', and Diana, whose images were cast from silver. Silver is an element which requires darkness for its reactions. A photographer needs darkness in his studio to work with this metal and silver salts become inactive when exposed to the light of day. As a reflective material silver is used in the creation of mirrors which are used for scrying and divination (see mirror below). Note how the following adjectives apply to silver:

All are also lunar traits assigned to the moon influence and moon goddesses in general.

Many if not all of the worlds silver mines (past and present) vibrate and resonate with spirit activity. While I do not condone venturing into old mines, the use of silver during a séance session can be very conducive for contacting spirits while using the Ouija Board.

2. Toadstool, mushrooms, and other plants that develop or bloom by the light of the moon.

The Ancients have long recognized plants that grow by the light of the moon as a key to opening doorways between the worlds. Moonflower is a species that opens its flowers to the light of the moon. The association of plants and moon is important when working within the realm of the moon.

Plants that become active when the moon is above emit a very tiny energy field; this is its bioplasm, so to speak. When those energy fields become active they pierce the veil between the worlds allowing visitors to see the doorways that are open and to pierce the veil between the worlds. This is akin to standing in a dark room and being able to see a light shining around the edges of a closed door. Spirits then utilize these energy fields by locating and stepping through the door between the worlds.

Live species are best to have around when using the Ouija Board. So you might bring in a fresh bouquet of moonflower, Artemesia, or nicotiana just before your ouija board session. Dried species can be utilized when burned over hot coals or incense. But be aware of the species you are using for many mushrooms are poisonous and the fumes from them can affect your health.

3. Herbs that have a strong correlation to the moon.

Listed below are herbs and essential oils that will aid in spirit connection while using the Ouija Board.

Herbs can also be utilized in the live, dried, or incense forms in order to provide a more conducive environment while contacting spirits.

These herbs and oils work in two distinct ways while using the Ouija Board; first they provide a more ambient atmosphere that welcomes spirit contact; and second they stimulate the parts of our brain that is used while contacting spirits.


Essential Oils

4. Cats or clippings of cat hair will create a strong spiritual connection.

Cats have long been believed to sense the spirit world and also it is believed by some that they can actually cross the veil between the two worlds. Some believe that cats can intercept negative energies or calm our energies with their aura.

Cats have a long history of being connected to the other side. Egypt revered the cat in part for its powers to see the spirit world. Bestat and Sekhmat were the Egyptian Goddesses with a cats head and a human body. Artemis and Diana often appeared as cats. Ancient Egyptian priests used cats as tools of divination based on their movements and actions. Cats have been associated with witches since the middle ages being their protectors and familiars who aid them in their magickal craft. In Norse legend Freya, goddess of love and fertility, had a chariot pulled by two black cats. According to the Buddhist religion, the body of the cat is the temporary resting place of the soul of very spiritual people.

5. Eggs in shells or even just the shells.

The egg is often recited in origin stories by ancient cultures. The egg being round is likened unto the moon and also subject to the draw of tidal pull . The egg was sacred to the goddess Astarte, who was known world wide in many different cultures, albeit by different names.

The egg represents new life and the power of the Goddess. Eggs are used in divination to determine the sex of a child. Egg whites are dropped into a class of water to divine the shapes and forms made, similar to crystal gazing and scrying mirrors.

6. Oysters or Oyster shells

Oysters connection to the moon can never be denied. The oyster opens and feeds to the tidal cycles. The water it survives in is also connected the moon. When the oyster feels at ease it opens its shell and passively lets through the sea water and possible food. In case of danger the shell closes of course. The oyster will passively let in a lot of impressions, emotions, thoughts, feelings, fears, energies, etc.

Oyster Shell is considered a receptive element associated with water & Akasha life force. It carries the gentle, peaceful energy of the sea. Relaxes, soothes emotions, sensitivity, and stress. Being more relaxed will aid in a positive divination experience.

Aristotle said that oysters during the full moon were meatier than other times. Science concurs this point.

7. Mirrors

Mirrors are two-way portals to the spirit world. Often spirits will utilize the mirror to create a form or forms in order to convey the message they are trying to send.

The history is that any reflect surface will work, including a bowl of water. Spirits can utilize the mirror as a door way and portal between the worlds, appearing as a form while usually unable to manifest into a full solid.

8. Crystal, Amethyst, and Moonstone

Specific stones have a strong connection to the moon. Often used in divination, dreaming, and other areas ruled by the moon. These stones are unique in structure and open portals between the worlds. Crystals and the crystal sub forms, amethyst and moonstone, channel and focus energy. Spirits can focus their energy and channel it via a crystal in order to make that communicative energy stronger and clearer. Much in the same way that crystals are used to focus and receive radio waves.

Crystal points are best when the point is directed at the Ouija Board from a neutral or person free area.

Any number of crystal, moonstone, and or amethyst, in stone form can be placed around the board in order to allow the spirit focus energy in the form of an energy field. These stones also have a purifying and cleansing ability to ward off negative energies.

9. Water is a must while using an Ouija Board.

Water has a strong connection to the moon. The moon controls the tides. Water can also act as a super conductor for energy flow.

Water is the element that transports the soul to the spirit world. The river Nile was the medium that transported the souls of the departed for the Egyptians., the Euphrates was the transportation for the Babylonians and several other ancient middle east cultures, and the river Styx was sacred for the Greeks and Romans. The ancients revered and respected water for they knew of waters connection to the spirit world.

Water is known to strengthen connections with ghosts, spirits, and divination. Many hauntings become stronger when a source of water is near. In some cased the water source may be underground.

The more the water the better even to the point of conduction a séance near water sources can be beneficial. Use a bowl of water, small house fountains, or even do a ritual bath or shower prior to using the Ouija Board.

10. Willow Tree

Willow has a strong connection to the moon. It usually grows near water sources; rivers, lakes, ponds, and even near surface ground water sources. Willows connection to water also represents that willow is the bridge between our world and the spirit world. The willow usually has its roots in the water while its trunk is in the earth and its branches are in the air. It has the ability to be pliable and bend with the wind, which represents an openness of mind and a creative energy.

Witches, druids, and others that follow the ancient paths know the strength of the willow tree and its connection that bridges both worlds.

The willow wand is usually sought out by the witches of today for its power and ability to focus smooth flowing energy between the spirit world and the human world.

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